September 16, 2007 at 3:18 am (Uncategorized)

A few months ago I was asked by a co~worker to serve this guy his divorce papers. Easy enough…usually, but this man had just been through an intervention. His wife loved him dearly and he was very close to his family so when he got addicted to coke, they wanted to help. He and his wife had a successful business together and a nice house on a ranch. They took in stray animals and we’re basically really good people. I met his wife and mother before the service, they were great. Very nice and also very upset and worried about him. The problem was that the intervention was unsuccessful and now the man thought that the person coming to give him papers was there to have him committed. He never imagined in his wildest dreams that his wife would follow through with her threat to divorce him if he didn’t get help. She had already moved out and really didn’t want to get divorced but anyone who has ever been through an intervention knows that you have to give very real threats and follow through with them if the person doesn’t go into treatment…idle threats are just that. He always thought she would come back and she hoped she would be able to also…just after he went through rehab. Obviously my coworker going out there just freaked this guy out,. He had the guy that introduced him to the drug to begin with and two other guys staying with him…so he was very well protected. The unfortunate part about living so far out in the country is that you can see someone coming literally a mile away. Anyone driving up there would have the same problem. So we devised a plan. I would ride up there with the mother and slip in and get the papers to him after he answered the door for her. What do they say about the best laid plans? We pulled up and the two guys who living with him were outside. We got out of the car and his mom starting walking to the garage without even acknowledging their presence. For an older lady, she had some nerve. There’s nothing like a mother’s protective instinct…it makes us fearless. The one guy approached her and she told him who she was and that she was here to see her son. The guy said that he wasn’t there…blah, blah, blah. We knew better and so off she went and tried to get into the garage but the scrawny punk shut the garage door on her. We went to the front and she relentlessly rang the door bell. Finally the lil thug wannabe came back out of the garage and said “he’s not here…go away.” Mom said fine, but I have to use the bathroom and pushed her way inside. I shrugged at the guy and followed. So mom went to into the bathroom while the other guy went further inside the house. In the meantime another guy had appeared and was standing there blocking me in what he thought was a casual manner and ready to block mom’s entry into the rest of the house when she came out. He asked me how I knew her and I told him, with a smirk, that I was in her yoga class. Four really big dogs were inside the house and although they didn’t seem mean, you never know how dogs will react and it was getting very tense in that little hallway. I casually called them over and as I was petting them let them out. Mom came out of the bathroom and as expected turned and headed toward the living room. The guy kept saying you can’t go in there and was trying to block her but thankfully had the prescense of mind not to physically touch her. Mom was yelling for her son. The living room looked like a flop house with all of the sheets and sleeping bags. This is a BIG house, there was no need for that but that’s how people get once coke takes over. Paranoia is high. The one guy was keeping an eye on me and I made sure he saw that I already had 911 punched into my cell phone…ready to hit the send button. The punky guy in the meantime came out of the bedroom and was blocking mom from going into that room. He did not have the presence of mind to keep his hands to himself, just blocking, not hurting her but that was enough for me to consider it out of control and I dialed 911. Just then her son came barreling out of the bedroom. He was PISSED!!!!! He stormed straight over to me and I was ready but he surprised me. He just stuck his hand out for me to give him the papers. Which I did and he threw them across the room. That’s fine…my job was done. Now to get out. Not as easy as I thought. He started screaming at his mom to get the fuck out….so she slapped him. Right across the face and hard. I say yay for mom but also not a smart thing given the circumstances. He pushed her down. The two other guys jumped in and held him back while I got her up and made a run for it. I got her into her car as he was coming after her again. He hadn’t been doing the drugs as long as the two other guys and he was still in much better shape then them and he was just a big guy in general. I locked the doors and got her keys. The police were on their way and he knew it. So he went back in. His wife and mother had assured me that he wasn’t violent but addiction does funny things to people. The police couldn’t press charges since in reality his mother and I were both legally trespassing the minute he told us to leave. Mom was understandably very upset so I stayed with her until her daughter could get there. As we were waiting the policeman told me that they had been called out to the house last week right after his wife moved out. He had wanted to press charges for her taking his 25 guns when she left. I hadn’t been scared up until then…I don’t even want to think what might have happened if she had not had the presence of mind to do that. So….last night I was talking to the girl that I had taken the case from. She informed me that the wife had gone back to the husband. OMG….wtf did we go to all of that trouble for? He still hasn’t gone to rehab and his “friends” are still living there. Things are not going to get any better. Loving someone is one thing. Wanting to help someone you love is understandable but it takes more than love sometimes. I respect a love that strong but I think she just did more harm than good.



  1. ren said,

    Sounds like quite an eventful delivering of papers. It does seem a bit strange to go through all that and then go back to that environment. Maybe there’s more to it, i guess it’s possible he’s asked her to help him through it and she’s giving him one more chance.

  2. 4raindrops said,

    oh man i hope he see’s one day how much his family cares and what they have gone through to try to help him….
    i give you loads and loads of credit girlie you are brave (((HUGS)))

  3. blulady said,

    Oh my gosh! This is not going to end well for the woman or her husband. You did what you had to do, but it seems it was for naught. 😦 I’m glad you’re alright! *hugs*

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