August 20, 2007 at 6:13 am (Uncategorized)

I’m still trying to get used to coming here. I hate it that y’all aren’t on reezle anymore. It’s not as happy there without you.  

Let’s condense things….

Plans to meet Pleiades in October got nixed. Maybe later….he’s one of my best friends but I’m just not sure if there’s anything romantic there or not. Then again, if we never meet how will I know? He was still trying to figure things out with this girl in Ohio…yes, no, maybe…then no, then let’s see, then no, then “I should run the other way but I’m not so let’s see again.” AUGH!!! He finally told me that she was going to come for a visit again. Which just so happened to be next week and going through Oct. Fuck it! If it happens it happens…if not, I’ll be okay this time. I promise. Funny thing is…the day after he told me this, all of it fell through with her coming. Karma….Fate? Dunno….but it’s up to him now. It would be wonderful to finally meet my friend after three years but it’s not as important in a romantic sense to me as it once was.

I’m really enjoying single life. My roommate has gone out of town for a job and although it wasn’t a romantic relationship…it was still another person, a male person around the house. Okay…we did have a brief “fling” about 7 mos. ago…but it was just that and we’re much better as friends. It was never meant to be serious. I’m too indpendent for him and he’s young…needs to get out there and experience life a bit more. 🙂

 I’ve always enjoyed my time alone…and I’m just relishing it now. Going to the pub now and again with friends is all the social life I need and somedays more than I want. I really do enjoy the company of me….and of course my son. 🙂

My hearing about the complaint that ass of an attorney filed is sept. 7th. I’m not worrying about it anymore. I’ve done all I can to prove his secretary is a lying bitch trying to save her own ass and job. I’ll just have to wait and see…no sense in worrying about it, it won’t help. I’ve already plotted my revenge…on Sept. 8th I will be replacing his welcome mat with bologne slices. That in addition to the sleazy porn magazines that should already have started arriving at his office. 🙂

Other than that…there may or may not be a hurricane coming my way. I’ll let ya know more about that when I copy and paste my reezle blog here tomorrow. 🙂

I hope things are going well with everybody. I’m going to bed now. G’night. 🙂

btw…Am I just stupid? Why can’t I figure out how to change the font or the size here?



  1. 4raindrops said,

    i do know what you mean i too miss all of ya on reezle but the fact remains strong to me i can’t be where the owner is a lunatic so for now i’m happy being out of there….
    (((HUGS)))) girlie keep smilin…

  2. blulady said,

    Let’s see now if this gives you the correct link. I’m still seeing blulady up there.
    I agree with raindrops, the owner of reezle is a lunatic!

    I’m glad things are going well with you. When the time is right for a new relationship, you’ll know it.

  3. ren said,

    It’s certainly complicated now everyone is dotted all over the place instead of in one nice big pile on swydm. (I refuse to call it reezle on principle!)

    As for relationships, if it happens it happens, when everything’s right you’ll know it, untill then just enjoy the tour.

    You should be able to change the font size and style by editing the css page, or changing your journal theme.

  4. blulady said,

    Pssst….use raindrops blog to find me. Sorry I had to delete there because of some issues.

  5. barnacles said,

    Oh, I thought I’d better start using this nickname. 🙂

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