yesterday sucked…today just kinda sucks.

August 8, 2007 at 3:39 am (Uncategorized)

yesterday (yep…I’m copying and pasting)

I must have missed the announcement somewhere….apparently it’s 

“Be Mean To Denise Day”. 

I’m well aware that sounds whiny and pathetic but really…I am a nice person. I’ve been told that I’m too nice for my own good but I genuinely care about people. I always put myself in others shoes…I like to think that I’m very understanding. Not to say that I won’t stand up for myself or I’m a wimp but all in all, I’m very rarely ever mean to anyone. I’m usually pretty stong and self confident even, but wtf? I really just want to lay down and curl up in a ball. 

Today, it’s been the stupid ass attorney that’s been making my life a living hell and my ex husband. Those two aren’t even related issues. The stupid ass attorney had a chance to make things right and not pursue his case…but no, he wants to make a point and lucky me, I get to be the scapegoat in a case that I’m not even a party in. If he drops his case cuz he knows now that it wasn’t a personal thing with me, he also has to drop his case against the attorney he does have a very personal vendetta with. Again, lucky me…I’m in the middle and being “picked on”. Apparently “picked on” has now become an official legal term since that’s what the attorney my boss has hired for me keeps saying ~ “I’m sorry you’re being picked on”. Really….the stupid ass attorney can have my license taken away because he had his legal secretary lie in an affidavit….but it’s my word against hers. augh!!!!!!!!  We thought we had a way to get just me out of it on a technicality but that fell through earlier. 

I had just hung up with. (okay…on) my ex husband when I got that lovely phone call. Why did I hang up on my ex? Cuz he’s being an ass. He was yelling at me…we’re not married anymore, he doesn’t get to do that anymore or at least I don’t have to put up with it anymore. He’s yelling because there’s one last lil thing that we need to go to court about. It seems like things keep getting in the way of getting there. First, our attorney (we shared one since it was such an easy uncontested “I just want the fuck out” kinda thing) was in NY for a week and when she got back she had the flu, then I went to New Mexico and he went to Mexico…that was kinda funny. This week is a “dead week” in the courts. They are only hearing emergency cases because of a family law conference that happens once a year. So…he’s blaming me and won’t pay child support until it’s done. I did hold it up the week before our attorney went to NY but I had to work…I can’t NOT work, especially if he’s not gonna pay child support.  I could file contempt charges but he’s not refusing to pay at all, he’s just holding the money…still not legal but by the time I could file charges to get it…I would already have it. Really…I don’t want to press charges, it’s stupid and it’s mean. I’m not going to be mean just because he is. Now, if I could find a way to be mean to the stupid ass attorney, that’s another story. I would run over him if I could get away with it. 

My ex owes me some from last month too…because I was being nice. He would have only had about $50.00 to take with him for spending money on his trip to Mexico with his girlfriend if he would have paid me all of it…so I said just make it up next month when you have it. Not only that, I could have had him pay $400.00 more a month than he is…but that didn’t seem fair. I don’t want more than I really need, he needs to live too.  Maybe I am stupid…people keeping telling me that being nice is my downfall and ya know what? I think that’s sad but maybe they’re right. 

My roommate and one of my best friends is leaving tomorrow to begin his new career as a truck driver. I’m really, really happy for him. He had a horrible divorce….his ex wife is just not right… she stalked him, laid behind his car so he couldn’t leave without running over her, cheated on him, tried to take his kids away or at least not let him see them without supervision and so much more. He is an awesome dad…patient, kind, loving and playful with his two little girls. She is manipulative, self righteous…ya know the kind, the ones that act like the world owes them something. She took him for EVERYTHING he had and wanted more…then offered to sell him their bedroom furniture. lmao…that took balls. 

So anyway, he’s off to “get back on his feet” and recover from that hell. It will be a great adventure for him and greatly improve my rock collection…but I just wish he were going next month. He’s become my support system during all of this legal shit and he won’t even be around for my hearing. 😦  

I know that sounds selfish…but I need a hug dammit.


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