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A few months ago I was asked by a co~worker to serve this guy his divorce papers. Easy enough…usually, but this man had just been through an intervention. His wife loved him dearly and he was very close to his family so when he got addicted to coke, they wanted to help. He and his wife had a successful business together and a nice house on a ranch. They took in stray animals and we’re basically really good people. I met his wife and mother before the service, they were great. Very nice and also very upset and worried about him. The problem was that the intervention was unsuccessful and now the man thought that the person coming to give him papers was there to have him committed. He never imagined in his wildest dreams that his wife would follow through with her threat to divorce him if he didn’t get help. She had already moved out and really didn’t want to get divorced but anyone who has ever been through an intervention knows that you have to give very real threats and follow through with them if the person doesn’t go into treatment…idle threats are just that. He always thought she would come back and she hoped she would be able to also…just after he went through rehab. Obviously my coworker going out there just freaked this guy out,. He had the guy that introduced him to the drug to begin with and two other guys staying with him…so he was very well protected. The unfortunate part about living so far out in the country is that you can see someone coming literally a mile away. Anyone driving up there would have the same problem. So we devised a plan. I would ride up there with the mother and slip in and get the papers to him after he answered the door for her. What do they say about the best laid plans? We pulled up and the two guys who living with him were outside. We got out of the car and his mom starting walking to the garage without even acknowledging their presence. For an older lady, she had some nerve. There’s nothing like a mother’s protective instinct…it makes us fearless. The one guy approached her and she told him who she was and that she was here to see her son. The guy said that he wasn’t there…blah, blah, blah. We knew better and so off she went and tried to get into the garage but the scrawny punk shut the garage door on her. We went to the front and she relentlessly rang the door bell. Finally the lil thug wannabe came back out of the garage and said “he’s not here…go away.” Mom said fine, but I have to use the bathroom and pushed her way inside. I shrugged at the guy and followed. So mom went to into the bathroom while the other guy went further inside the house. In the meantime another guy had appeared and was standing there blocking me in what he thought was a casual manner and ready to block mom’s entry into the rest of the house when she came out. He asked me how I knew her and I told him, with a smirk, that I was in her yoga class. Four really big dogs were inside the house and although they didn’t seem mean, you never know how dogs will react and it was getting very tense in that little hallway. I casually called them over and as I was petting them let them out. Mom came out of the bathroom and as expected turned and headed toward the living room. The guy kept saying you can’t go in there and was trying to block her but thankfully had the prescense of mind not to physically touch her. Mom was yelling for her son. The living room looked like a flop house with all of the sheets and sleeping bags. This is a BIG house, there was no need for that but that’s how people get once coke takes over. Paranoia is high. The one guy was keeping an eye on me and I made sure he saw that I already had 911 punched into my cell phone…ready to hit the send button. The punky guy in the meantime came out of the bedroom and was blocking mom from going into that room. He did not have the presence of mind to keep his hands to himself, just blocking, not hurting her but that was enough for me to consider it out of control and I dialed 911. Just then her son came barreling out of the bedroom. He was PISSED!!!!! He stormed straight over to me and I was ready but he surprised me. He just stuck his hand out for me to give him the papers. Which I did and he threw them across the room. That’s fine…my job was done. Now to get out. Not as easy as I thought. He started screaming at his mom to get the fuck out….so she slapped him. Right across the face and hard. I say yay for mom but also not a smart thing given the circumstances. He pushed her down. The two other guys jumped in and held him back while I got her up and made a run for it. I got her into her car as he was coming after her again. He hadn’t been doing the drugs as long as the two other guys and he was still in much better shape then them and he was just a big guy in general. I locked the doors and got her keys. The police were on their way and he knew it. So he went back in. His wife and mother had assured me that he wasn’t violent but addiction does funny things to people. The police couldn’t press charges since in reality his mother and I were both legally trespassing the minute he told us to leave. Mom was understandably very upset so I stayed with her until her daughter could get there. As we were waiting the policeman told me that they had been called out to the house last week right after his wife moved out. He had wanted to press charges for her taking his 25 guns when she left. I hadn’t been scared up until then…I don’t even want to think what might have happened if she had not had the presence of mind to do that. So….last night I was talking to the girl that I had taken the case from. She informed me that the wife had gone back to the husband. OMG….wtf did we go to all of that trouble for? He still hasn’t gone to rehab and his “friends” are still living there. Things are not going to get any better. Loving someone is one thing. Wanting to help someone you love is understandable but it takes more than love sometimes. I respect a love that strong but I think she just did more harm than good.


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I have no idea why yet but they won’t be hearing my case until they reconvene in December. I should have known it wasn’t good news when my phone rang early Sunday morning…okay, it was 11:00 a.m. but really who gets up before noon on Sunday? I didn’t bother to answer or even look at the caller id. It was the constable in charge of information gathering to present to the surpreme court saying that he didn’t make it to the hearing himself. That very well may be the only reason that none of the cases got heard. I should be getting a letter stating why was the message. AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just about to start my stop smoking program…but it says don’t try to stop when there’s a stressful event in your life. So…should I still try? Or wait? My dad says that I should have “iron will”. Once that man makes up his mind about something it gets done. He really does have iron will. ūüôā He quit years ago…just put them down one day and never looked back. We’ll see…maybe I’ll start with baby steps. I birthday partied all weekend. Simeda had her party on Saturday…sushi at this really cool Japanese place where you could still sit at Japanese style tables…I love anything that be done barefoot. Even though I own something like 2 million pair of shoes…I love being barefoot. I don’t eat sushi…but they had cooked stuff too. They only gave you chopsticks. Now I know why people in most Asian countries are skinny. LOL…I had more rice on me than in me. It was a great night. Good food and good friends. ūüôā Mom’ s birthday was Sunday. Peter and I took her flowers, which always makes her happy. Later, we took her to dinner at this little seafood place she likes. It’s the first time my uncle and my mom have been out in the same place together since she called him a “prissy queer” and he retorted with calling her the “c” word. OMG…that was an awful night, but they seem to have gotten over it. So…we made it through the evening with just the normal level of dysfunction. My family is odd…but really, it’s in a good way. We all love each other. We all came back to my house for cake and ice cream. My nice clean house (thank you David). The cake was soooo pretty. I like any excuse to go to the “cake lady”….she started out making cakes in her house years ago and got so popular that she has her own bakery now. She makes cake decorating into a true art form. Oh…and they’re good too. I’ll put up a picture later….when I find the cable. ūüôā She made a 3D volcano cake one year for my son’s b’day…it was cool. Mom’s cake was girly…like mom likes. Lavender with ladybugs crawling all over. My step son and his wife and baby came over…I was so happy about that. I just adore him and I don’t get to see him nearly as much as I would like. I’m glad we’re still close after the divorce. We were very close when he was growing up…he is just such a remarkable boy, sweet, sensitive, smart…all kinds of “s” words. Oh well….I’ve rambled enough for now. Off to work. I hope everybody has a great day.

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I’m still trying to get used to coming here. I hate it that y’all¬†aren’t on reezle anymore. It’s not as happy there without you. ¬†

Let’s condense things….

Plans to meet Pleiades in October got nixed. Maybe later….he’s one of my best friends but I’m just not sure if there’s anything romantic there or not. Then again, if we never meet how will I know? He was still trying to figure things out with this girl in Ohio…yes, no, maybe…then no, then let’s see, then no, then “I should run the other way but I’m not so let’s see again.” AUGH!!! He finally told me that she was going to come for a visit again. Which just so happened to be¬†next week and going¬†through Oct. Fuck it! If it happens it happens…if not, I’ll be okay this time. I promise. Funny thing is…the day after he told me this, all of it fell through with her coming. Karma….Fate? Dunno….but it’s up to him now. It would be wonderful to finally meet my friend after three years but it’s not as important in a romantic sense to me as it once was.

I’m really enjoying single life. My roommate has gone¬†out of town for a job¬†and although it wasn’t¬†a romantic relationship…it was still another person, a male person around the house. Okay…we did have a¬†brief “fling” about¬†7 mos. ago…but it was just that¬†and we’re much better as friends. It was never meant to be serious. I’m too indpendent for him and he’s young…needs to get out there and experience life a bit more. ūüôā

¬†I’ve always enjoyed my time alone…and I’m just relishing it now. Going to the pub now and again with friends is all the social life I need and somedays more than I want. I really do enjoy the company of me….and of course my son. ūüôā

My hearing about the complaint that ass of an attorney filed is sept. 7th. I’m not worrying about it anymore. I’ve done all I can to prove his secretary is a lying bitch trying to save her own ass and job. I’ll just have to wait and see…no sense in worrying about it, it won’t help. I’ve already plotted my revenge…on Sept. 8th I will be replacing his welcome mat with bologne slices. That in addition to the sleazy porn magazines that should already have started arriving at his office. ūüôā

Other than that…there may or may not be a hurricane coming my way. I’ll let ya know more about that when I copy and paste my reezle blog here tomorrow. ūüôā

I hope things are going well with everybody. I’m going to bed now. G’night. ūüôā

btw…Am¬†I just stupid? Why can’t I figure out how to change the font or the size here?

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new mexico

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I’m having trouble figuring out this site…I thought I had posted this already but it shows it as a draft.¬† I wrote it last week but I’ll try posting again. I’ll get the hang of this place after I’m here more. ūüôā

Anyway…we had a great time in New Mexico.¬† There pics on reezle and myspace if ya wanna take a peek. ūüôā

Well, here it is….my last night of vacation. ūüė¶¬†It’s been so much fun road tripping with my dad again.¬†I’m in the¬†odd position of being mother and daughter¬†on this trip. I’m glad my son is getting to experience road tripping with my parents too. Mom is happy that I’m along…cuz I’ll play with dad. She gets all “pretend” mad and scolds me for¬†encouraging him as we pull over to watch hawks or explore that cave we saw from the side of the road or whatever else we feel like doing at the time. He indulges my whims as well…it’s just a great way to vacation and see things “off the beaten path”. We went down this one dirt road…he had to put it in 4 wheel drive to get through and we bounced along for a little while before dead ending into the most beautiful¬†isolated¬†lake.¬†¬†

WOW!!!! We did so much…I don’t think I can write about all of it.¬†¬†I’ll¬†post¬†some pictures later. ¬†

We stayed two nights on top of a mountain in Cloudcroft New Mexico. I LOVED being in the middle of¬†the forest. It was cold…okay, not cold cold but way better than Houston. We got into the hot tub every night and then dried off next to the fire pit. All while looking up at the most beautiful star filled clear sky.¬†I didn’t have cell phone reception for two days and ya know what? It wasn’t all that bad. I wouldn’t like it like that forever but a couple of days…not bad. Work wasn’t calling me all of the time or at least they weren’t getting through. I am glad that my very very sweet friend let me borrow his laptop though. ūüėČ

We spent a day in Roswell…checking out the aliens. ūüėȬ†

We went to White Sands and rolled down the large dunes. I was about the same age as my son is now when I first went sliding down the¬†mountains¬†of sand on a piece of cardboard. I’ll put up¬†some pics of that too. It’s the middle of the desert but it looks like snow….the sand is that white.¬†

We went to Carlsbad Caverns…I don’t know if I’m going to put any pictures of that up or not. There is no possible way to show¬†the magnitude and beauty of¬†it¬†in just a few small pictures. We watched the bats fly out at dusk. I’ve seen the bats come out from under bridges both in Houston and Austin but seeing them come out from the caverns was soooooo amazing.¬†

Ohhhhhh….I finally found real ghost towns. Two of them so far. One on purpose…I found it online and we just stumbled upon another one.¬†My son is okay with real ghosts but he was¬†so creeped out by the ghost towns that he stayed in the car with mom while dad and I explored. It was kinda creepy…but I like creepy. A storm rolled in so we had to cut it shorter than we wanted to but it was great. Those of you who know me well enough know that I’ve always wanted to find a real ghost town…and I did. YAY!

It’s been A LOT of driving.¬†We just made it back into Texas tonight and so begins the loooonnnggg drive home tomorrow morning. yick…I don’t wanna.¬†It takes FOREVER to get across this state.¬†
New Mexico is so beautiful. Coming back into Texas from there is depressing. I love the mountains…I could have stayed there forever. The climate was perfect and the view was spectacular.¬†The desert is fun to¬†explore¬†but¬†to¬†hot¬†and flat for me to want to live in or near it.¬†We found lots of neat lil things…all kinds of lizards and¬†centipedes *thhhiiissss* long.¬†Not everything is bigger in Texas…the bugs are smaller. ūüôā¬†

We watched two hawks just hanging out in a tree watching their buddy eat something…I don’t wanna know what it was.¬†¬†

That’s all for now…time to get some sleep. I hope everyone is having a good weekend. ūüôā¬†

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yesterday sucked…today just kinda sucks.

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yesterday (yep…I’m copying and pasting)

I must have missed the announcement somewhere….apparently it’s¬†

“Be Mean To Denise Day”.¬†

I’m well aware¬†that sounds whiny and pathetic but really…I am a nice person. I’ve been told that I’m too nice for my own good but I genuinely care about people. I always put myself in others shoes…I like to think that I’m¬†very understanding. Not to say that I won’t stand up for myself or I’m a wimp but all in all, I’m very rarely ever mean to anyone.¬†I’m usually pretty stong and self confident even, but wtf? I really just want to lay down and curl up in a ball.¬†

Today, it’s been the stupid ass attorney that’s been making my life a living hell and my ex husband. Those two aren’t even related issues. The stupid ass attorney had a chance to make things¬†right and not pursue his case…but no, he¬†wants to make a point and lucky me, I get to be the scapegoat in¬†a case that I’m not even a party in.¬†If he drops his case cuz he knows now that¬†it wasn’t a personal thing with me, he also has to drop his case against the attorney he does¬†have a very personal vendetta with.¬†Again, lucky me…I’m in the middle and being “picked on”.¬†Apparently “picked on” has now become an official legal term since that’s what¬†the attorney my boss has¬†hired for me keeps¬†saying ~¬†“I’m sorry you’re being picked on”. Really….the stupid ass¬†attorney can have¬†my license taken away¬†because he had his legal secretary¬†lie in an¬†affidavit….but it’s my word against hers. augh!!!!!!!!¬†¬†We thought we had a way to get just me out of it on a technicality but that fell through earlier.¬†

I had just hung up with. (okay…on) my ex husband when I got that lovely phone call. Why did I hang up on my ex? Cuz he’s being an ass. He was yelling at me…we’re not married anymore, he doesn’t get to do that anymore or at least I don’t have to put up with it anymore. He’s yelling because there’s one last lil thing that we need to go to court about. It seems like things keep getting in the way of getting there. First, our attorney (we shared one since it was such an easy uncontested “I just want the fuck out” kinda thing) was in NY for a week¬†and when she got back she had¬†the flu, then I went to New Mexico and he went to Mexico…that was kinda funny. This week is a “dead week” in the courts. They are only hearing emergency cases because of a family law conference that happens once a year. So…he’s blaming me and won’t pay child support until it’s done.¬†I did hold it up the week before our attorney went to NY but I had to work…I can’t NOT work, especially if he’s not gonna pay child support. ¬†I could file contempt¬†charges but he’s not refusing to pay at all, he’s just holding the money…still not legal but¬†by the time I could file charges¬†to get it…I would already have¬†it.¬†Really…I don’t want to press charges, it’s stupid and it’s mean. I’m not going to be mean¬†just because¬†he is.¬†Now, if I could find a way to be mean to the stupid ass attorney, that’s another story. I would run over him if I could get away with it.¬†

My ex¬†owes me some from last month too…because I was being nice. He would have only had about $50.00 to take with him for spending money on his trip to Mexico with his girlfriend if he would have paid me all of it…so I said just make it up next month when you have it. Not only that, I could have had him pay $400.00 more a month than he is…but that didn’t seem fair. I¬†don’t want more than I really need, he needs¬†to live too.¬† Maybe I am stupid…people keeping telling me that being nice is my downfall and ya know what? I think that’s sad but maybe they’re right.¬†

My roommate and one of my best friends is leaving tomorrow to begin his new career as a truck driver. I’m really, really happy for him. He had a horrible divorce….his ex wife is just not right… she stalked him, laid behind his car so he couldn’t leave without running over her, cheated on him, tried to take his kids away or at least not let him see them without supervision and so much more. He is an awesome dad…patient, kind, loving and playful with his two little girls. She is manipulative, self righteous…ya know the kind, the ones that act like¬†the world owes them something. She took him for EVERYTHING he had and wanted more…then offered to sell him their bedroom furniture. lmao…that took balls.¬†

So anyway, he’s off to “get back on his feet” and recover from that hell. It will be a great adventure for him and greatly improve my rock collection…but I just wish he were going next month. He’s¬†become my support system during all of this legal shit¬†and he won’t even be around for my hearing. ūüė¶¬†¬†

I know that sounds selfish…but I need a hug dammit.

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I’m following you. :)

July 16, 2007 at 6:28 am (Uncategorized)

Hi Everyone. It’s me…denise aka moonshadow from reezle. Can you believe there is already a moonshadow here? That’s MY name. ūüė¶

I missed some people from reezle so I’m here to keep up with y’all. ūüôā

I’ll work on this blog during the week…maybe be a lil more creative. I’m just too tired to think right now.

But for now…HI JOAN AND MONIQUE…it’s not the same over there without y’all.

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